About Red Bird


To connect aspiring and inspiring authors and artists to audiences through the book arts.


A community of readers, writers, and visual artists bound by books.

Values & Principles

By artists, for artists . . . a commitment to collaboration
All positions at Red Bird are held by artists who pursue their own art.  We know how we prefer to be treated as artists and the importance of having art in the world that represents us.  We understand the care and intimacy that experience deserves.  Because of this, Red Bird encourages one-on-one relationships between editors and authors that are attentive and engaging.  The resulting manuscript is then tended to by our design team and ultimately stitched together by our assembly team.  From beginning to end, we believe in the necessity of collaboration in order to create art.

Accessible and affordable . . . for our authors and our readers
Red Bird is a 501c3 non-profit organization; we do not profit from sales.  Red Bird does not charge reading fees or up-front publication fees.  We do not require pre-sales or minimum purchases of our authors.  Red Bird offers competitive royalties as we believe authors should be paid for their work.  Red Bird ensures readings are truly blind so the work is judged purely on its own merit and not on an author’s standing in the community.  We are also committed to maintaining an affordable price point and price our books accordingly. 

Volunteer driven . . . we do it for the love of the literary arts
Each person involved in Red Bird is a volunteer.  This includes our Executive Director, editors, designers, book assemblers, and interns.  We affectionately call ourselves the “The Flock” and dedicate our time and talents because of our shared love of the literary arts. 

Creative, hand-crafted, unique . . . the work drives the form
All of our chapbooks are hand-crafted—which means each book is cut, folded, and stitched, sometimes pasted, wrapped, or even stabbed, by hand.  We believe the work drives the form whether that is long lined verse that requires fold out pages or square shaped blocks of prose that looks best centered on the page.  There have even been collections that called for a book shaped like a star.  Because of this flexibility, we are open to multi-genre and hybrid works as well as traditional genre forms and we can treat each book as a unique piece of art.

Community connectedness . . . with our authors and the greater bookmaker community
Community connectedness happens around the book assembly table on weeknights, over plates of food at our bi-annual editorial gatherings, among new readers at our sales booths at local book fairs, and during our celebratory author readings.  Red Bird also has long-standing relationships with organizations such as Artista Bottega in St. Paul, the Minnesota Prison Writers Workshop, and The Poets House in New York.