Alex Stolis

Alex Stolis lives in Minneapolis; he has had poems published in numerous journals. His chapbook based on the last words of Texas Death Row inmates, Justice for all, is forthcoming from Conversation Paperpress (UK). Without Dorothy, There is No Going Home is also forthcoming from ELJ Publications. Most recent releases include an e-chapbook From an iPod found in Canal Park; Duluth, MN from Right Hand Pointing and John Berryman is Dead from White Sky e-books. He has been the recipient of five Pushcart nominations.

From A Cabal of Angels by Alex Stolis with paintings by Susan Solomon


Colopatiron; Angel of Liberation

We talk about ghosts while the moon possums in the sky. 

It is still; the kind of stillness right before a thunderstorm 

or a car crash. We’re sitting on the swings; the playground 

overlooks the baseball diamond. Colored paper and matches

confetti the infield; shreds from spent bottle-rockets and fire

crackers. Longneck Budweiser’s mark first second third base 

and home. The only light left is a lone firefly. You’ve dyed 

your hair; skin, white as cuttlefish bones. Tell me your first 

wish was the smoothest stone ever skipped across water; 

how you felt yourself drown in each ripple and wave.