Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert lives and works in the United States. In 2012 his work received the Thomas Hickey Creative Writing Award from the University of Wisconsin—Platteville and was nominated for the Carson Prize.  

From Circumnavigation


You watch an ounce of Humboldt's finest dissolve into dust, there next to your sleeping head. The "Watch it Again" category on Netflix becomes all encompassing & you ask yourself: can I be of no other use? Then you ask: what is use? Then you read books, write poems. You begin to take long baths. Spend more time preparing each meal, cleaning the kitchen, taking out the garbage, doing the dishes. You hear every footfall from the neighbor upstairs despite your attempts to hide within your separate silences. You read what Bob Hicok wrote about bootstraps & impossibilities. You think: maybe I will miss this. You think: this is what I always wanted. Then, it is gone. You start working retail. Still life is strange but still life. You’re lucky to have written these simple words:

Ramen is almost nothing/
& then everything/
is, too.

You’re struck by paper clips. Struck by who made them. The yard-yarn spool bending shiny into purpose & here you are, home.

What others are saying...

Michael Lambert's brilliant first chapbook transforms the sad, vast depths of our North American continent into a fraught diary or prayer book. Singing from barrooms and secondhand cars, Circumnavigation inhabits a postmodern mind with a romantic sensibility. Irreverently and with relentless humor, Lambert paints a world of tilted transformations where, ’We must forget the sound/of our own names.’

           — Kara Candito, author of Taste of Cherry (University of Nebraska Press,2009) & Spectator (University of Utah Press, 2014)

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