44 pages
8" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published September 2015

Winner of the 2015 Merriam Frontier Award

Jolene's collection of poems won the 2015 Merriam Frontier Award.  We didn't know that when we chose it for publication.  We were thrilled and even more determined that this chapbook would be special.   We are proud and excited to announce the publication of  Peregrine. 

Jolene's poems are intimate and expansive.  Her range is worldly and humane. Choosing a favorite is impossible, each turn of the page leads to another favorite, another distilled and distinct experience  to savor and revisit.   

And from the Merriam-Frontier Award judges:

"Jolene Brink's wide-ranging and nimble poems allow mystery around the subject of loss and death.  They are original in conception and mature in craftsmanship."