The "Flock"



Trisha Daigle Poetry
Norita Dittberner-Jax Poetry
Amanda Happy Poetry
JD Hegarty Poetry
Tina Karelson Poetry
Laura McQuiston Poetry
Steve Merino Poetry
Lacey Buchda Fiction
Malcolm Halsey-Milhaupt Fiction
Tami Mohamed Brown Non Fiction
Stephanie Olson Non Fiction
Elizabeth Dingmann Schneider Poetry (on hiatus)
Evan Kingston Fiction (on hiatus)

Book Designers

Chris Fayers
Tara Robinson


Abby Doty

Former Team Members

Sarah Hayes Executive Director & Editor in Chief
Brad Braund  Book Designer
Danielle Bylund Book Designer
Anna Dielschneider Designer
Dina Her Book Designer
Dana Hoeschen Book Designer
Jared Lynch Book Designer
Helen Wick Book Designer
Kyle McGinn Book Designer
Elissa Cottle Poetry
DJ Hill Poetry Editor
Eric Hove Poetry Editor
Shelly Love Poetry Editor
Jenny McDougal Poetry Editor
Nancy Yoder-Bidwell Poetry
Nolan Zavoral Poetry Editor
Abby Anderson Fiction Editor
Savannah Brooks Fiction and Non Fiction Editor
Nancy Hedin Fiction Editor
Nicola Koh Fiction
Beth Mayer Fiction Editor
Alida Wintermeyer Fiction Editor
Suzanne Stenson O’Brien Non Fiction Editor
Daniel Blees Art/Design Intern
Kalcie Smith Publishing Assistant
Taylor Elgarten Publishing Intern
Sean Hanson Publishing Intern
Rebecca Higgins Publishing Intern
Skyler Kane Publishing Intern
Courtney Yokes Publishing Intern

Red Bird Chapbooks was founded in 2010 by Dana Hoeschen.