Tom Scherschel

Tom Scherschel is a self-taught artist and lover of all things southern Californian.  As a recently retired elementary school teacher, he is in the process of reinventing himself yet again.   
His art is literally and figuratively mirroring his life. He is exploring new avenues and taking chances in ways that he hasn’t previously done. .  

Tom's paintings can be viewed at The Hellada Gallery in Long Beach, California . His artwork has also been recently published online in the inaugural issue of Subprimal Poetry Art (  

He lives in Long Beach with his partner, Craig, and their cats, Buddy and Sally.

Hellada Gallery



An Exhibit of Tom Scherschel Paintings opens April 5th at the Hellada Art Gallery in Long Beach California. 
The show opens with a signing of the chapbook Elemental Long Beach featuring the collaboration of Tom and Laurie Zupan. 
The exhibit runs through most of April. 

 get more information at

Poem and Painting from Elemental Long Beach


an old friend used to say
questions are more important
than their answers

I write questions because
they are all
I have

not even yesterday's bread
on the kitchen counter
or a half cup of cold coffee
can sustain me

the moonlight spills
on the page
but offers no illumination