If it became apparent that the world was about to end
some un-deflectable comet slung our way
from who knows where
or rising waters that won’t subside

I would make my way to where you live
and we would run off somewhere quiet
to see out the last day

Bristol Board

I’m not going to respond to your Facebook request of joining a march downtown LA; I’ll simply show up. I can’t reveal how my politics don’t mesh with my workplace values because having a say in politics is no longer safe in a workplace. Not anymore.

I am trying to empathize with the person who wants to help
but also aware how it’s too late.

Because now you know the power of a response, to show your friends what you value. You should have shared that post about a woman’s right to chose is something you agree with, you shouldn’t hide your opinion. Who are you afraid of? Your boss? Your co-workers?

Is this where we are going?
Censoring our opinions in what should be a space of dissent...


“How unusual to be living a life of continual self-expression, jotting down little things, noticing a leaf being carried down a stream…”
—Billy Collins

It’s a bad idea to start a poem
with a Billy Collins epigraph.
Not sure if I identify
with my baby or the man

describing himself. Snow
falls on a frozen lake,
this day after this one,
that day after that. Owen...

Andrew Bode-Lang Reading for Field Trips with Exceptional People Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 7:00 pm

The launch party and reading to celebrate the release of Field Trips with Exceptional People by Andrew Bode-Lang will be Wednesday, December 7, 2016.  He will be appearing with Camille-Yvette Welsch, who is launching her new poetry chapbook, FULL, from Dancing Girl Press. 

Webster's Bookstore and Cafe 
133 E. Beaver Avenue
State College, PA 16801


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