Amy Strauss Friedman reading at Waterline Writers - September 18, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Waterline Writers kicks off its 2016 – 2017 season with a great literary event on Sunday, Sept 18th 2016 at 7 pm. Waterline is proud to present five featured writers: Amy Friedman, Rick Holinger, Karen Halvorsen Schreck, Christine Swanberg and Joanne Zienty.

Amy Friedman’s prose poetry captures average days just as distinctly as shattering break-up’s; columnist and teacher Rick Holinger’s essays pin controversial subjects to the page for closer examination; Karen Halvorsen Schreck reads from Broken Ground, the Depression-era novel of a tragedy which intertwines a young white woman in the lives of Mexican migrant workers; Christine Swanberg shares a few treasures from a lifetime of poetry publication; and Joanne Zienty, Soon to be Famous Illinois Author of 2014, reads from her compelling novel The Things We Save.

Admission is $5 / $3 for students! Writers can join our 5-minute-limit Open Mic at 8:30, or check out our submission FAQ’s. Events are 3rd Sundays at 7 pm, September to May, in the art gallery at Water Street Studios 160 S. Water Street, Batavia IL. Like us on Facebook!