David Oppegaard releases new collection The Town Built on Sorrow

David Oppegaard (Breakneck Cove, 2016) has a new collection, The Town Built on Sorrow, out from Flux.  

The collection was recently reviewed in The Pioneer Press.  You can read more about it here.

The Town Built on Sorrow by David Oppegaard (Flux, $11.99): Oppegaard, another alum of the Hamline MFA writing program, offers a young adult horror story set in the strange mountain town of Hawthorn, where 16-year-old Harper Spurling is obsessed with the diary of Sofie Helle, a local 1860s pioneer girl, while the Tender Heart serial killer terrorizes the town. The killer’s identity is not a secret; he’s teenage Olav Helle, a misfit to whom we’re introduced when he runs over the neighbor’s cat and finds a skull in the process of burying the poor animal. As the skull begins to talk to him, Olav becomes increasingly unhinged. Tension escalates as Harper becomes involved with this boy. When Harper finds the pioneer girl’s original diary, she discovers why it ended abruptly. There’s a ghost in the story, scary old mining tunnels and some mysticism. In the end, all the threads come together in one of the most heart-stopping, creepiest conclusions in Y.A. fiction.