Elizabeth Paxson

Elizabeth Paxson is a poet, writer and visual artist who resides in Northern Michigan among mutable trees and elusive waters near the 45th parallel. She owes much gratitude to a now-deceased aunt who led her to the well of words and taught her to drink deeply. Her first chapbook, Always Birds, is with Red Bird Chapbooks (June 2019).  Her poems have appeared in collections such as “Peaceable Kingdom,” “Poet’s Night Out,” 2016-18, Pangolin Press, Squirrel Cane Press, Tiny Seed Journal and a short story with Night Picnic Press, a bilingual journal (2019).

Elizabeth believes poetry is meant to be heard. She hopes readers will find a quiet place in which to read these poems out loud, as there is a music imbedded in the use of words and the sounds they make together that enrich the depth and meaning of the poems.