Eva Eliav

Eva Eliav's poetry and short fiction have been published in numerous literary journals both online and in print, including Room, The St. Ann’s Review, Emrys Journal, The Ilanot Review, Flashquake, The Apple Valley Review, Horizon Review, The Enchanted Conversation, Constellations, and Fictive Dream.



From Eve:

all she wanted to keep
and all she took

were shards of morning
and evening

it was the light
she needed to remember

smuggled in dark green shame
to hide its splendor

the rest seemed trivial now
except the snake

daring and unrepentant

who’d pried out
everyone’s weakness

even god’s


"Beautiful, wonderful, gentle, intelligent poems"
Helen Bar-Lev, artist, poet
International Senior Poet Laureate, Amy Kitchener Foundation
Recipient Homer European Medal for Poetry and Art