Looking Forward to 2017

Red Bird Chapbooks is looking forward to another wonderful year thanks to our growing and vibrant community of writers, readers and artists. 

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We received over 370 chapbook possibilities during the two months of our open reading period, from which our editors selected 20 manuscripts for publication in 2017.  Forthcoming titles include:

                Re- by Andrea Beltran
                Balsamroot by Molly Curtis
                The Heart Beat of Wings by Margot Galt
                Notations: The Imagined Diary of Julian of Norwich by Alice Jennings
                Lama Mountain by Miriam Sagan
                Frost & Thaw by Andrea Spofford
                Shift Work by Laura-Gray Street
                Dear Little Fist by Jeanie Tomasko

                Coney on the Moon by Michael Backus
                Carried Away and Other Stories by Clive Collins
                Messiah Tortoise by James Gapinski
                Staircases Will Outnumber Us by Jessica Roeder
                Resurfacing by Shannon Schenck

                On the Run by Andy Hjelmeland
                Gifts by Dana Hoeschen
                Boss by Karl Plank

                Drowning Ophelia by Carolyn Agee
                Devotional by Randon Billings Noble
                Held: A Father Lost and Found by Sharon Smith

We will continue our web feature the Weekly Read, plan to publish a handful of new pamphlets and broadsides, an anthology, an illustrated poetry collection and some additions to the Editor Series.