If it became apparent that the world was about to end
some un-deflectable comet slung our way
from who knows where
or rising waters that won’t subside

I would make my way to where you live
and we would run off somewhere quiet
to see out the last day

Your husband would be wondering
no doubt
where his wife has disappeared to
on this of all days.

But at least you don’t have children, yet
which might make things tricky.
As could Armageddon
turning out to be a false alarm
leaving us to admit, again
that the only way we could ever work
is if the world were ending
and we were both about to die.

-Chris Connolley

Chris Connolly's fiction has appeared in the Irish Times, The Irish Independent, and The Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction, among others, and has been broadcast on RTÉ Radio. In 2016 he won the Best Emerging Fiction category at the Hennessy Literary Awards, the RTÉ Francis McManus Award, the Easy Street Magazine Great American Sentence Contest and, most recently, was awarded the Over the Edge: New Writer of the Year award. His website is