yes i know you can't drive across the world


36 pages
8" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published October 2016

Daniel Pereyra’s poems capture the wonder and delight of everyday life.  In “afternoons in the backyard,” the author and his son play in a kiddie pool, and fight demons like bees.  As a father, “i am his hero and he my apprentice.”  Billy Joel shows the narrator that it is no longer his life, it is his now son’s in “a lesson from the piano man.”  The son “…tells me about his day / and how he colored an elephant yellow / because he really likes yellow.”  Pereyra’s poems also reflect on rainstorms in the desert, treasures left behind in attics, and the dynamics of married life.  A spider decorates the porch and a fly critiques wine choices.  The author speaks for many of us in the final lines of “some honesty on a tuesday" when he says,

            “that i think, with sincere clarity,
            drinking my coffee with eyes closed /

            damn, i’m tired.”