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Lisa Mangini's "Bird Watching at the End of the World" published by WordTech Communications is now available from Amazon

Lisa Mangini, author of Perfect Objects in Motion and Immanuel Kant vs. God, has a poetry collection out with WordTech Communications.

"Fabulous in their diction, the poems of Lisa Mangini present a world of sadness and grace, particle and wave. Victims of the body, shadowed by the eighth Deadly Sin--not to be loved--these lovely vessels stuffed with philosophical gleanings and lyrical meditations make possible a future for poetry, and thus, for us."
- Alan Michael Parker


Mathieu Cailler publishes debut collection of short stories

Two of Red Bird's very own... Congratulations to Mathieu Cailler's on the release of his new fiction collection Loss Angeles (Short Story America) and thanks to Ron Arias for spreading the word.  The article is available here.  

Mathieu's poetry chapbook, Clotheslines, was published in July 2014.

Ron's non fiction chapbook, My Life as a Pencil, was published in March 2015.  


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