Animal Poems, An Anthology


Poetry Anthology
11 poems from various authors with corresponding photographs  
44 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published October 2014

Two years ago Gretchen Marquette began the process of collecting animal poems.  She selected 11 poems from various authors. We had planned to have the poems illustrated but that plan fell through.  Still we had these great poems and so we went to photographers online and found images that spoke to the poems.  What you see is the cover of the anthology.  Inside you will find photographs and a startling collection of poems that speak to the variety of  human relationships with, and responses to, the animal world.  

Authors of this collection are Tara Bergen Adams, Caleb Beissert, Krisanne a Dattir, Frieda Gardner, Joanna Lilley, Beverly Acuff Momoi, Ariane Sandford, Ann Tweedy, Sohn Sibley Williams, Kelly Hansen Maher, and Su Smallen.