Includes illustrations by John J. Audubon, Chester A. Reed, Eleazar Albin and Ernest Seton Thompson
36 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published 2012

Birding by Lois Welshons explores the personalities and perceptions of ten different bird species native to the Midwest. Paired with beautiful images, Welshons gives each bird a voice to respond to questions of life's purpose and intention. Each poem is detailed and imaginative - packed with colorful dialog, wit and character.


Barred Owl

I’m perfectly clear why
I’m called what I’m called
--the dark bars across my chest—
But inside, in my secret heart,
I always think of myself
As a “bard” owl, even though
So far I’ve thought up only
A couple really good lines,
Which I tend to repeat:
Who cooks for-you?
Who cooks for-you-all?