Mo Fink

Mo Fink is living her childhood dream of being an artist. She finds beauty in nature, anatomy, and anything that's mysterious, so most everything. She's currently studying art at MCTC and hopes to study ceramics further in Seattle someday, but for now she's working on drawing the perfect eye.  

Mo's image is based on the poem "Ouroboros" in the chapbook Inner Passage by Karen George.


Side by side in canvas deck chairs,
we cradle words in our palms:
you, A Walk in the Woods;
I, the salve of Li-Young Lee.
The cruise ship pulses beneath us;
above, flags flap 
a staccato against the salt 
air we can taste.

An Asian couple sits near us
in the crook where two benches
converge in a vee.
Knees touching, 
they lean close to talk, 
forming a cave.
On the back of her moss-green kimono
a red dragon devours its own tail. 

I follow the curve of the beast's back,
edged in ebony,
while the flow of foreign syllables 
lulls and impales me.
How I ache to pierce through
all the silences, and wail
Cancer and chemo are eating
my husband alive.

But I close my eyes,
enter the couple's hallowed voices,
and the loop of waves
heaves me back
to our conversations in cars
on serpentine roads
beneath vault of trees,
when motion unhinged our tongues.