Poetry and Paintings
36 pages
5.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published December 2016


"In Catalpa, the image is the thing. Whether it is painting or poem—and sometimes both at once—we are thrown into a world both strange and lush, tropical gorgeousness which leaves a twinned joy and uneasiness in its wake. Get ready for a catalpa leaf to be dragged right across your face. And get ready for poems and paintings which say in so many different ways, “Ready or not, just live.” These poems and paintings inhabit a world where nothing is quite what you expect, but everything is soaked through with amazement. Such pleasure for eye and ear!"

—Jim Moore

"This collaboration between Jamie Lynn Buehner, poet, and Susan Solomon, artist, inspires.  Buehner’s poems move effortlessly across time, countries, and great depths of feeling. She has such faith in memory, and such faith in what she perceives as essential detail—reading these pieces we are moved by her confident lines, glad to be with a poet who knows exactly how much to say to make each vignette she offers surprising, moving, indelible.  Solomon’s visions, indelible, too.  See her move from lit-up abstractions to gorgeous representational images of catalpa leaves, cake, avocado, to a bench in winter snow that lives between pure image and calmest, inevitable lines—exciting, to see each painting speak to each poem, each poem cause such choices—this is a beautiful book."

—Deborah Keenan, author of eleven books of poetry, and a book of writing ideas, From Tiger to Prayer.