From a Dove

Only the Wormwood Star
should carry bitterness.
Hearts were not meant
for such heavy loads.
Anger weighs
one thousand pounds
hooks itself in
anchors one down.
A feather is forgiveness
hard to catch in the wind
or hold in a hand.
It darts all about.
Chase it
through the meadow
around the sea.
It lands.
Breathe heavily,
bend low
cup it in your palm.

-Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson, poet/artist, is the author of Come Now to the Window (Laurel Poetry Collective) , Definite Space and Art Lessons (Holy Cow! Press). Her fourth collection Mouth of Summer is forthcoming from Kelsay Books. A graduate of Hamline University’s writing programs, her poems have appeared on Writer’s Almanac, and her art has been featured in several art exhibits as well as in a permanent installation at the UM Children’s Hospital. Currently she is writing/illustrating a series of children’s books based on her dachshund and her first book children’s book is forthcoming from Orange Hat Press.

More of her poetry and art can be found at