Eirik Gumeny

Eirik Gumeny is over six feet tall and enjoys sugar. Originally from the highway-choked suburbs of New Jersey, he now lives in the mile-high desert of New Mexico. Born with cystic fibrosis, in late 2014 he had his horribly diseased lungs replaced with new, non-terrible ones and now everything’s great.

Eirik is the author of the Exponential Apocalypse sci-fi comedy series, founding/former editor of Jersey Devil Press, and a folder of origami cranes. His short fiction has been published in a number of journals and anthologies, including Thieves Jargon, Kaleidotrope, and Monkeybicycle, and two of his stories have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His plays have been workshopped in New York City, his resumes have gotten a number of his friends jobs, and his doodles occasionally make it onto the refrigerator.

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