Lips of Summer

Place yours
on that mouth
feel what it feels
to be the carriage
of all that burns.
Breathe in its burden.
Know the pond’s tremor
as the Great Blue Heron Lands

-Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson, poet/artist, is the author of Come Now to the Window (Laurel Poetry Collective) , Definite Space and Art Lessons (Holy Cow! Press).  Her fourth collection Mouth of Summer is forthcoming from Kelsay Books.  A graduate of Hamline University’s writing programs, her poems have appeared on Writer’s Almanac, and her art has been featured in several art exhibits as well as in a permanent installation at the UM Children’s Hospital. Currently she is writing/illustrating a series of children’s books based on her dachshund.

You can read more of her work on the following links: