Meet the Flock: Malcolm Halsey-Milhaupt

Name: Malcolm Halsey-Milhaupt

Role at Red Bird: Fiction Editor

How I became involved with Red Bird and why I agreed to do it: 
I was introduced to Sarah Hayes and Red Bird through the Hamline Creative Writing Program, which I'm currently in the middle of. My goal has always been making a career of writing. The literary arts are everything to me, and Red Bird is clearly a crew of like-minded individuals. I consider myself very fortunate to be coming aboard.

A little about my own work and what I am currently working on: 
I'm always tooling away at a short story. I'm drawn to humorous writing that deals with the darker sides of humanity, usually satirically, and my own prose style is very influenced by authors like Sam Lypsite, Gary Shteyngart, John Barth. Recently, I've been trying my hand at poems, too--though results have varied. I guess one never knows what is going to turn into a novel, I'm told...

My favorite thing (s) that can be found in the public domain: has supplied me with many old books to get lost in, free of charge, albeit in digital form. The work of Ambrose Bierce was a standout for me among Gutenberg's many fine fiction offerings. And anything in a Free Little Library is technically in the public domain, no? I'm a huge proponent of filling and sacking those things. I mean, what a brilliant idea: homemade birdhouses that serve as waystations between homes for novels, magazines, grimoires, et cetera. I can't pass a Little Library without a bolt of excitement shooting up my spine.