Meet the Flock: Rebecca Higgins

Name: Rebecca Higgins

Role at Red Bird: Publishing Intern

How I became involved with Red Bird and why I agreed to do it:
I was first interested in joining the Red Bird team, since its staff made up of writers that genuinely care about language. I also admire how Red Bird uses the word possibilities instead of submissions to be more inviting to the artists that share their work.

Recent Red Bird project(s):
I am excited to assist with the possibilities process. Currently, I am working on writing abstracts for chapbooks and researching journals that review chapbooks.

A little about my own work and what I am currently working on:
I typically write in realistic fiction, though my stories keep getting stranger. Currently, I am writing a murder mystery that plays with point of view.

My favorite thing(s) that can be found in the public domain:

I enjoy pretty much anything with cats in it (cat videos, cat comics, etc.)

I also tend to spend too much time scrolling through Tumblr.