Merie Kirby

Merie Kirby is the author of The Dog Runs On (Finishing Line Press, 2014) and The Thumbelina Poems (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2016). In September 2014 she was a participant in Tupelo Press’s online 30/30 Project. She is a 2013 recipient of a North Dakota Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship. In collaboration with composers she has written three libretti (The Ascension of Radegunde and The Ladysmith Story, both with composer Christopher Gable, and Sanctuary with composer Jim Callahan) and other works that have been performed at venues in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. She has written prose for the Simple, Good, and Tasty website, and her poems have appeared in Avocet, Willow Review, Midwest Poetry Review, and other journals, as well as online. 

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From The Thumbelina Poems

[Why keep returning to that smallest girl?]

Why keep returning to that smallest girl? That walnut baby,
that wish granted, only to be lost one spring morning?

Your heart’s desire arrives, perfect, but so tiny!
Pink and hairless as a baby mouse!

One day you set her on the windowsill, in the sun, for a nap,
and a strong wind carries her away.

She has adventures. You have grief.
You become the hazy memory. You disappear from the story.