Sylvia, Hillary, and Me

My new Chemex coffee maker is built like Sylvia Plath: all cinched
waist, broad shouldered and hipped. Steeps the dark,

the bitter. I invited her in to try a cup, black but sweet: I found
sugar cubes. I invited her using my Ouija board. I hoped she wouldn’t hear

the bees buzzing inside my pink oven. She said, what hurt most
was that he stopped hearing me. But she said it in ghost-tongue,

in the language that they speak over there, the country
of pearl necklaces and worms. She loved my Macbook.

We watched a woman concede. She tried not to cry.
We watched her wash all the make up off her face. 
- Jennifer Martelli

Jennifer Martelli’s debut poetry collection, The Uncanny Valley, was published by Big Table Publishing Company. She is the author of the chapbook, After Bird, from Grey Book Press. Her work has appeared in Thrush, [Pank], and Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Jennifer Martelli is co-curator for The Mom Egg VOX Blog Folio.