Announcement Regarding 2021 Reading Period

Hello Red Bird Community, 

Red Bird is on hiatus for the 2021 calendar year.  The Board is currently assessing how we, an all-volunteer organization, can work differently to ensure the sustainabilty of Red Bird.  Every day we are moving closer toward resuming publishing in 2022.  

As a part of the hiatus, there will not be a reading period in 2021.  When we are open for possilbities again, we will announce it here and on social media.  

Thank you to all of you who have emailed to ask about our reading period.  We so appreciate you and hope to read your work in 2022.  

Peace and health to you and yours, 

Red Bird Board 


Good News! Orders have OFFICIALLY resumed!

Dear Red Bird Community and Readers, 

We have successfully moved our inventory to its new home, fixed the Shopping Cart glitch, and are ready to resume filling orders.  Hurrah!  Browse our titles under Offerings (above) or using the Catalog sidebar (on the right).  Orders will be shipped on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we cannot wait to begin sending you chapbooks again.  

Wishing peace and health to all!